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Chris Patterson

Thank you for taking time to read this message.Best regards,

Below you will find a short overview of a study based on an analysis of 600,000 search queries, which then calculated the value of various local ranking parameters for each top-100 page.

Facts about Googles Local Ranking

Is there at least one keyword in your list of keywords, keyword + City (or state), that youd to rank for?

If so, then youll find the information below extremely useful! These findings are based on a large-scale research effort on Googles local ranking algorithm, highlights the importance of various local SEO ranking factors.

But before I go further detail, let me take a moment to remind you that we are running a 20% Discount Special Offer for all 20-70 DA backlinks.

So, lets briefly answer the question:

What is the priority of local SEO investment?

Main Factors Impacting Local Ranking

1. Links. While everyone understs that backlinks play a crucial part in local ranking, the lesser-known secret discovered by the study is that they have the strongest correlation to positive ranking. What really matters is how old your links are, target keywords usage word count of on-page content. All of which helped towards creating positive local rankings.

2. Website factors. Not surprising, but use of the target keywords the number of words on a page appeared to make a difference. Location pages with a lot of content tend to do better than those with smaller amounts.

3. Citations. While citations are important to establishing authority of a site, interestingly, the study found that citation did little to disrupt a site from its local ranking, especially if the site is already in Googles Local Pack. This does not mean citation problems shouldnt be fixed. It just confirms that while foundational in nature, citations do little to improve local rankings.

4. Factors related to Google My Business. The studys results showed that, while inclusive in of themselves, having a more complete Google My Business page did result in better local rankings. Given how these factors work, its difficult to determine the precise contribution of GMB factors to positive page rankings. However, factors such as verified business ownership, photos good reviews in your GMB profile all helped with enhancing local rankings.

So, what does this mean
for your Local SEO Ranking strategy?
Well, for starters, you do need to tackle your citation issues ASAP.

And, if you are competing in a particularly competitive niche, you need to start acquiring backlinks high-quality ones! at the earliest. But more significantly, the results of the study lead us to conclude that Googles organic Local SEO Ranking algorithm holds a lot more sway on Local Pack ratings than it did prior to its Pigeon upgrades.

Let a team of Pros give your site a Local Boost

With years of experience on our side, in-depth knowledge of how Googles Local SEO Ranking algorithm works, our team of professionals have already helped many of our clients:

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- enrich their site with top-notch content

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And thats exactly what were offering you today! But you need to act NOW to take advantage of our special 20% discount offer, because the window is closing fast.

Chris Patterson
CEO, Assured SEO & Digital Consultancy
[email protected]

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Rosalinda Chaffey


i love your shop,
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Yours truly

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Clint Timmerman

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Shelia Highett


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Helen Otto

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تتشرف أدارة مؤسسة مصر للمقاولات والتوريدات العمومية للإسقف المعلقة والقواطيع الجبسية وأعمال العزل و الديكور المتكاملة المصنفة بالدرجة الأولى
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الشركة هى احدى الشركات الرائدة فى الاسقف المعلقة وهى تمثل مجموعات عمل متكاملة لمنظومة واحدة تقدم للعميل افضل جودة باقل سعر و اسرع وقت وهدفنا ان تصبح الشركة الاولى فى مصر من حيث التميز وجودة الخدمة فى مجال الاسقف المعلقة والديكور المتكامل كما نقدم كافة الخدمات الخاصة بالاسقف المعلقة والديكورات التى تناسب جميع TEL/01210044646

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(غير مسجل)

-زراعة النخيل والتيل والورود(داخلية وخارجية)
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رش المنازل من الحشرات
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وللمزيد تفضلو بزيارة موقعنا

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السلام عليكم أنا بنت الجزائر أريد أن أعرف ما معنى هذا الموقع ما فهمتو.

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ياجماعة مقركم فين

اريد التواصل معكم


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Ali Riad


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توريد وتركيب اسقف معلقة المصنعة من خامة الجبس بورد والقواطيع الجبسية والبلاطات الخاصة بالشقق والمكات
تتشرف ادارة مكتب مصر للاسقف المعلقة والديكور المتكامل بتوريدوتركيب الاسقف معلقة والقواطيع الجبسية وأعمال الديكور المتكاملة المصنف بالدرجة الأولى فى مصر بتقديم نبذه مختصرة عن الشركة
نشاط الشركة:توريد وتركيب-
1- الأســــــــــقف المعلقة:-
• جبسوم بورد (مقاوم للرطوبة - مقتوم للحريق)
• بلاطات جبس بالفينيل 60 × 60
• ahmed

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